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Spiritual -- we are all wired that way!

If right now you are living in hell, I am here to tell you that there is a way out.

Perhaps one of the most wonderful features of this new spiritual healing method is the peace of mind that follows each healing experience. 

After experiencing the spiritual healing process, most people (95% of them) report a feeling of peace and spiritual comfort that they had never experienced before.  I am not talking about momentary stupor or post-hypnotic light-headedness!  This pervasive feeling of peace remains with you--day after day.

You have heard the: "This will change your life" phrase many times before.  This phrase has been so abused lately that it has lost its value. 





Well, I am here to tell you that experiencing this new spiritual healing process WILL change your life--from inside out.

Once again, I do not know why nor how it all happens.  I just know that it does happen--not just on sporadic occasions--but every time I witness a healing process.

What I like about this spiritual healing process is that the benefits come unconditionally.  There are no requirements, rules, regulations, expectations, changes of diet (that pains me, because I am one of those people that thinks the whole world should adopt a vegetarian diet), change of philosophy or behaviour. 

It gives unconditionally.   I realise that when people are exposed to this kind of loving interaction they cannot help but transform. 

Free  of charge, nothing to join, no dogmas or creeds to follow

There are no cults to join, no leaders to follow and no dogmas to obey.

The very word spiritual healing may very well send shocks of terror to some families who have had to endure nightmares at the hand of cult leader.  

Almost invariably cult induced "spiritual healings" force the newly enlightened members to abandon their families and loved ones and treat the "outside" world as dangerous threat or "inferior beings".

The spiritual healing  endorsed on this site causes the person to become more loving, more tolerant, more understanding and helpful.  It causes people to take responsibility for their actions and to be sensitive to the needs and feelings of others.

Moreover, there are no leaders or followers, there are no rules, no memberships or dogmas.  The person who learns this process can quickly and easily teach it to others, there are no expensive mentor courses to attend and there are no weird initiations to endure.

Since the spiritual healing techniques are and must remain absolutely free of charge, there is no way for greed or other commercial interests to corrupt this process.   Those who are interested in money and power will find absolutely nothing they want in this new spiritual healing program.

Of course, one of the symptoms of this transformation is surely going to be choosing to become vegetarian :-) but that can wait.

Seriously!  This form of spiritual healing is so powerful, so efficient and so unconditional.  Surely, these are powerful indicators of where it could be coming from.




The spiritual healing takes place automatically--somehow the healing process must raise the vibration level of the person receiving the process--causing a spontaneous change in personal vibrations.  I am purely speculating here and perhaps it is best that I stop doing so. 

Once again I am reminded that we do not know why this healing process works, or how it works--all that we do know is that it DOES work.

After all, most of us do not understand how electricity works, but we can all flick the switch and enjoy the benefits!

Learning spiritual healing with our new techniques is easy and very fast.  You may have already guessed why this is so.   All human beings are already wired to be able to self-heal and also heal others.  Higher Intelligence has truly given us all the tools we need to help ourselves and help each other.  The tools are so powerful and so effective and so valuable--not only spiritually, but also in our careers, finances and social life.

Unfortunately, spiritual healing and all other tools of the soul are not highly regarded by our education system.  After all the education system was invented to create mass producers and consumers of goods. 

A few enlightened educational organizations are now beginning to offer spiritual healing information programs and other mind power techniques--those that do report substantial improvements in behavioural and academic performance.   Spiritual healing is for everyone because everyone needs it.


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