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How to self heal, Free Self Healing Instructions

self healing

Here is some information that will explain the self healing process. 

This type of healing takes place at a level that is not limited by time or space. 

From past experiences, we know that the moment you place your request, Higher Intelligence lovingly responds.




What you can do to start your self healing process right now!

All healing is Divine healing and self healing.  Whether you are spontaneously healed or healed by a physician, it is all Divine healing. 

By "Divine", I am not referring to the "cranky old man with a white beard sitting on a cloud waiting to smite you".  I am referring to the life giving Intelligence that is within you, and all that Is.

We do not understand this "Intelligence" but we can clearly see that it is benevolent towards us. 

If you are in any doubt, take a look at the immense beauty of this Planet and at the technical and engineering perfection of creation around you. 

The very fact that you stumbled on this site is also no coincidence.  There are millions of sites that deal with healing and you found this one!

Pay attention to the following paragraphs.  I firmly believe that the answer to your healing is on this page.


Step 1:  Perform the Source Miracle Prayer at 8 pm every night (your time), or before retiring. 



Healing miracle prayer: self-healing meditation from NetGems on Vimeo.


 You may download a free copy of this video.
Right click on this link and save to your PC.

This video is the property of Alexander Wilon and may not be used for commercial purposes.  You may freely distribute this video. 
Do not alter the video in any way, or use any of the components of this video.






Step 2:  Chant the Source Healing Chant

The Source Healing Chant, is the latest addition to the Source Healing Tools for healing and well being.  Fear, loss of hope, regret, guilt, are toxic energies that cause disease and suffering.   The Source Healing Chant is the remedy.  This chant causes you to align with Higher Intelligence within you and helps you in allowing the power of creation to come to your aid. 

The Source Healing Chant has caused miraculous events to take place in my life and the lives of many other people.  Use it whenever you sense a weakening thought (fear, anger, resentment, guilt, etc).  You may also hum the chant in your mind during your daily activities and especially when dealing with challenges. 



Source Healing Chant from NetGems on Vimeo.


Step 3:  Drop all feelings of guilt and self-judgment

If you have done something, (or are doing something) that you are not proud of--drop all feelings of guilt about it.  Guilt is a destructive force which causes the body to go into self-destructive mode.  Life is "a work in progress".  Life is a classroom not a courtroom.  For now please drop all guilt and self-judgment. 

Self-healing Tools to help you do this: 

Step 4:  Drop all feelings of resentment against others

Holding destructive thoughts and feelings of anger, resentment, hate, judgment, sarcasm and all other similar energies will cause your body to become toxic.  I am not asking you to "forgive" anyone.  I am asking you to "drop" the entire issue from your system.  Realise that the people who harmed you no longer have any power over you.  By holding on to those destructive energies, you are not hurting them, you are hurting yourself by poisoning your body and your life.

Self healing Tools to help you do this: 

Step 5:  Reach out for people, audios, videos and any other media that lift your spirit

If you are experiencing an illness, an emotional trauma, or a financial challenge, the last thing you want to do is to get into depression.  Depression causes you to surrender your powers to the negative situation. 

The more depressed you get , the more attention you are giving to the negative event.  The more attention you give to the negative event the more you energise it. 

There is a consensus among both traditional psychotherapists and alternative healers that depression does not serve anyone.

Avoid people who relish in overly sympathising and in constantly reminding you of how unfortunate you are. 
Seek people who are empathetic, positive and encouraging. 

Avoid watching movies and TV shows that are depressing.  Look for humorous shows, uplifting documentaries and inspiring programs.

Read self-help books, scriptures or spiritual material that provide you with tools and processes that empower you.  You will find many useful and free tools at 



Self-healing Tools to help you do this: 


Step 6:  Read the following creed at least twice a day


If you are an atheist, take your chances--you have very little to lose.






The Master Creed

I believe in pure Spirit, from which all life is formed;

And Source Energy, its manifestation; the force sustaining and governing creation.

I believe in Higher Intelligence, perfect and unerring in form and purpose.

During mankind’s formative times it was misunderstood, devalued and limited.  It was corrupted by greed and denied to the masses.

It is now emerging in the hearts and minds of the evolved, and prepares mankind for supreme evolution.

I believe in the cosmic force that placed me on earth, a miracle of creation, lovingly blessed with immense beauty and riches, for the purpose of my enjoyment and exploration, and for the fulfilment of my role as caretaker for the Supreme Being.




It is common for traumatized people and people under stress and duress to hold their breath.  This is a highly damaging habit which, if left unchecked, greatly inhibits the healing process, and starve the body and the brain of oxygen.

The following tool helps people regain their flow energy that can nourish the soul and the Inner Self, and fills the body with vitality and strength.

So here is how you retrain your body to breathe correctly.

You will notice immediate results after the first 7 applications.

You can do this whenever you catch yourself holding your breath.

I absolutely love this process and do it often.

BUT MAKE SURE TO DO THIS AT LEAST TWICE A DAY--Before going to sleep at night and as soon as you wake up in the morning.

  • Center yourself by placing all your thoughts and attention in the center of your brain (and away from the front part of your brain--where your ego lives and works its mischievous acts).

  • Send out a beam of light from the center of your forehead towards the Upper World, towards the Light.  The response to this signal will be immediate.

  • Pull your stomach back toward the spine (gently, this is not a body-building exercise  This will cause you to exhale.

  • Release the muscle.

  • Inhale gently and smoothly, as air naturally enters your body think "Thank you Father for my healing!". 

Do not force the breath by raising your shoulders.  If you simply allow the breath to come in it will go where it should automatically.



Breathing Exercise : Hatha Yoga breathing from NetGems on Vimeo.


IMPORTANT: Do not skip the addressing the Creator component (your ego will prompt you to do this).  The addressing of the Creator is the component that makes this process work. 

There are thousands of similar breathing processes available that do not have this component in place—all of them are usually abandoned and ineffective in the long term.

5.  Say three times with meaning "I bless myself with pure light and love" say it slowly.  If you are alone say it aloud.  Don't just repeat it as a parrot, feel the power and the love behind these words. 

Repeat the above process 7 times.

Use the blessing whenever you feel like it--and always when negative thoughts arise.  These simple but powerful words will cause your vibrations to rise instantly.

When you have repeated this process for 90 days, your breathing process will have been rebooted and your body will celebrate the incoming breath as a sign of love from life--it is a failure free process.

The words are important to you, not your Creator--the Creator is the ALL Supreme Intelligence and energy from which all emanates. 

Essentially the Creator does not hear your words--but reacts to your opening yourself to the Light. 


General Information about this new healing technique

  • All activities, resources and services offered by us and by the healers trained by us will be free of charge. Those who feel moved to support us or our healers may do so in whatever form they wish. 
  • There are no organizations to join or creeds to follow.
  • There are no specific rules or techniques to follow--only guidelines.
  • We do not fully know nor claim to understand how the healings occur. 
    • We believe that Higher Intelligence performs the work.
    • We are able to train others in this process.
  • We place no expectation on, nor do we form any intention on how the healing should occur. 
  • Healer training is available to anyone, irrespective of nationality, social status, creed, educational level or belief.  If you are interested in our how to become a healer course please subscribe to the healing group.
    • There are no legal obligations or contracts to sign.
    • There are no copyright restrictions.  All materials obtained during the healer workshops may be freely reproduced and shared for non-commercial use only.
    • Healer workshops will be announced via the healing group and also posted on line


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