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How to become a healer - Learn how to heal course

If you wanted to learn how to heal and to become a healer, you have just arrived at the right place.

What images conjure up in your mind when you hear the word "healer"? Do you see saintly people wearing white robes and radiating white light from their hands? 

Do you believe that the gift of healing is just that--a gift that only some lucky people have?  Do you immediately exclude yourself  from such an elite group? Do you believe you could not possibly become a healer?

I am here to tell you that all human beings have the potential of becoming great healers.  We can all learn how to heal.

Quantum physics experiments are now proving what Yogis and great Spiritual Masters have been telling us for centuries; that is--that we are all wired together as part of a large matrix.  Clearly the Creator has provided us with all the tools and abilities we need to help one another. 

So instead of asking questions such as:  "How can I become a healer?" or "How can I learn to heal?" you should ask yourself this question: "Am I willing to use my healing abilities in the way it was intended?".   If the answer is "yes", then you are in the right place. 

If, on the other hand, you want to impose your own conditions on how the healing will take place, and why and how it will take place, you are definitely not in the right place.  I am serious!  The information on this website will irritate your ego beyond belief.

The fundamental principles behind healing (how it was given to me) are that: 
  • Human beings do not perform healings or miracles, nor do they act as "channels" for healing energy. (High vibration frequency does not need to, and will not, pass through imperfect and dense conduits).  The arrogant human ego cannot and will not accept this fact.
  • Human beings are endowed with the ability to perceive the healing energy and observe the healing process.   Essentially they can learn how to heal by simply observing the healing process. 
  • Most importantly, all human beings are able to request healing energy to be activated and directed to wherever it may be required.  This is because human beings are directly linked to Higher Intelligence and to one another through DNA.  The passage in Genesis that states that we are all created in the image of God is apparently true after all.






Learning to heal with us is an easy process because all we are doing is reminding you of what you are already able to do.  You are already a healer--that is, you have always been and always will be able to initiate, facilitate and witness a healing. 

The best part of it is that there are no dogmas, no strict patterns about hand positioning or other theatrics.   

There are no gurus to follow and no outrageous fees to pay.  This ability was given to you freely at birth.  It was given to you so that you could share it with love.  Love for your fellow beings that is--not for their money.  

Time after time, we have seen loving reminders about this wonderful gift emerge in different cultures and in different forms.  Without fail, greed and the lust for power have prevailed on each occasion.

If you can read past the above paragraphs without experiencing a fit of rage, then you are the person I want to work with.  It will be my privilege to do all I can to facilitate the process for you.

I am outlining the "learn to heal activities" exactly in the form and order that they were given to me.  The learn to heal program consists of several steps.

  • 1. Contemplation exercises.  There are a series of exercises that you do on a specific topic. 
  • 2. Retuning.  This is a practical exercise that helps you recover your forgotten ability to sense the subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) healing energies.
  • 3. Focusing.   This is a practical exercise that helps you focus on certain parts of your body that helps you establish a connection with Higher Intelligence and its Agents who perform the work.  This process will greatly enhance your spiritual life.
  • 4. Delivery to people (distance and face to face healing).  This is a practical exercise that shows you how to facilitate a healing with people.  This step includes self-healing.
  • 5. Delivery to animals and plants (distant and face to face healing).  This is a practical exercise that shows you how to facilitate a healing with the animal and vegetable kingdom.
  • 6. Delivery to inanimate objects (distant and face to face healing).  This is a practical exercise that shows you how to facilitate a healing with inanimate objects.






After these steps are completed you should be able to ...

  • facilitate free healings

Practitioners of other healing arts who are offering paid services are encouraged to offer this type of healing as an additional free healing to their clients. 

Please do not mix the two healing techniques.  Complete the paid healing technique, and then ask your clients if they wish to take advantage of the free healing process.  At that time, facilitate the healing in the way you were taught during your training. 

This new free healing technique requires only 15 minutes, so the bonus time you will be offering will not greatly encroach on your professional schedule.



12 May 2010:  A basic course outline is now available at the Source Healing Course Site.  All applications are reviewed daily and approved promptly.  Please be nice and answer the questions asked in the application log in to validate your application


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