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There is a Higher Intelligence lovingly available to anyone who wishes to witness a healing. It is always ready to comfort, assist, heal and make right. It gives freely and unconditionally--It is waiting for you right now.

Free Healing

Principles governing the healer activities -- these include the free healing sessions, the how to become a healer course, and all other volunteer activities conducted by us:

  • All activities, resources and services offered by us and by the healers trained by us will be free of charge.
  • There are no organizations to join or creeds to follow.
  • There are no specific rules or techniques to follow--only guidelines.
  • We do not fully know nor claim to understand how the healings occur. 
    • We do know that Higher Intelligence performs the work.
  • We do not know how the healings will take place.
  • We place no expectation or intent on the free healing work being carried out.
  • Everyone requesting a free healing will also receive detailed self-healing instructions.
  • Healer training is available free of charge to anyone, irrespective of nationality, social status, creed, educational level or belief.  If you are interested in our how to become a healer course please apply here.

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There is a very simple answer to this question:  We don't exactly know!   What we do know is that Higher Intelligence and its Agents are involved in this process and that the process is motivated by pure and unconditional love.

Most people who experience a free healing session (and also those who attend the training) attest that they are able to witness certain physical sensations (sweet perfumes, a feeling of warmth and comfort, an overwhelming sensations of love etc). 

Others feel a loving and strong presence around them and other sensory activities such as being lovingly held by the hands.

One thing is for sure, these healings differ entirely from the traditional ones I have encountered. 
  • It is not Reiki.  The healer is only witnessing the process and is not in any way involved in carrying out the healings.  There is no need to draw symbols or hold an intention.  There is also no need to believe in the process. 

    What is even more startling is that those receiving the healings do not need to believe or even know that the
    healing is taking place (such as in the case of distance healing sessions). 

    I love the gentle art of Reiki.  I am a Reiki Master and thoroughly love the philosophy of Reiki. 
    I have dedicated a website to Reiki because of its beauty and purity. 

    I was fortunate to have been taught by a wonderful Reiki Master and still remember my attunement ceremony with great warmth.  I believe that the Higher Intelligence behind this new process is the same One that revealed The Reiki Energy to
    Dr. Mikao Usui.

    Reiki is in perfect harmony with this new process.  I love and teach the Reiki philosophy because it truly is one pathway to joy, fulfilment and happiness.
  • It is not Reconnection Healing or Reconnective Healing:  The Reconnection and Reconnective healings involve the payment of high fees for both patients and the practitioners undertaking the training.  All aspects of The Reconnection are tightly controlled and regulated by its founder.
    Additionally, The Reconnection and the Reconnective healings involve a series of complex, deliberate movements that must be carried out precisely in accordance with strict directives from the founder. 
  • It is not Qi-Gong.  Qi-Gong is a wonderful art which has enriched my life immensely.  I am fortunate to have taken the  Qi-Gong Level 1, 2 and 3 programs and to this day, I look forward to my daily Qi-Gong Exercise. 

    If you love your Qi-Gong sessions as much as I do--you are in for a real treat.  After being exposed to this new process your Qi-Gong session will become supercharged.  I can confidently report that my Qi-Gong sessions have taken on a new intensity.

    Again, the new technique we promote differs from Qi-Gong because the healer is only an observer and not the originator of the work.  In Qi-Gong the practitioner is involved in directing and moving energy. 

    In our case, the healer feels the energy and witnesses the process (and also gets the joy of witnessing the wonderful results).
  • It is not Energy Healing; faith healing or spiritual healing for the same reasons given above.
  • In the past 30 years I have studied and practiced a multitude of healing hands positioning techniques.  These hand positions are shared by all the arts: (Reiki, Qi-Gong, The Reconnection , Energy, Prana etc. etc.). 

    One significant issue in this new process is the fact that the healers are PERFECTLY aware that THEY ARE NOT performing the work--but merely observing the work of Higher Intelligence.

    Another significant issue is the fact that the healers do not ask for money or remuneration.  Their only motive for facilitating the work is love and a desire to help others.   I firmly believe that this is the reason why this new healing technique is so powerful and so reliable.







Free Source Healing Support Site


The experience does not need to be confined to matters relating to health.  Indeed, those who have experienced  healings consistently report considerable benefits in all areas of their lives.  

Therefore, even if you enjoy perfect health, this is a very good thing to experience.  I have included below a detailed list of the benefits reported and also the various applications of this wonderful and gentle experience.   Click on the topic that interests you for detailed information.

The list below will expand in the near future. As information comes to hand we will update the website and our  Blog and Twitter announcements. 

We encourage you to subscribe to our Healer Group
Healer Blog and Healer Twitter.  Your E-mail address will not be sold or distributed to anyone and we will not be sending you annoying unsolicited E-mails since we have nothing to sell you. 




Healing of incurable
physical diseases.


Improving mental
and behavioural conditions.

Spiritual healings



Personal and team performance enhancing  (highly recommended  for coaches and personal trainers).


Heightened creativity
and artistic performance.

Heal Pets (animals respond
with amazing readiness).


Promoting peace and harmony
in your immediate environment
and possibly in your city, country
and the Planet.

  Distant healing
This new and powerful technique
works through consciousness
which has not time or space limitations.

Energising plants, trees
and the vegetable kingdom.




Removing fear from your life
If the devil existed,
fear would be his greatest weapon
Fear causes total loss of power.

   Recovering from addictions
and removing negative influences
Every parent's nightmare,
and the cause of all addictions.

Solving business problems
Improving career opportunities
Dealing with workplace stress


Healing loneliness
how to make friends
and improve relationships

  Overcome chronic fatigue syndrome
restore vibrant energy
renew enthusiasm and zest for life

Share your gift and become a healer
learn to heal others
it's easy and it's free





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